What our members thinks about us

Most of Domotys' members are technological companies with an international vision and a high level of qualification among their employees


    Eduard ArnauDirector ComercialTECHNO TRENDS, S.L.

    Techno Trends joined Secartys in 2009 and in just one year we have been able to verify the advantages of belonging to an association that looks after the interests of companies in our sector and promote the competitiveness of a SME like ours in the international market. We have been able to enjoy a wide range of activities and services: special promotions of our products and services to all partners, subsidies abroad, highlighting the opportunity offered by Secartys to provide the technological solution to record and broadcast by streaming in time Real the "Ordinary and Extraordinary Assembly of Solartys and Secartys that was celebrated the past 3 of June of 2010". All this is a great benefit for our company.

  • Enric BarbaDirector División B2B

    Unidesa Gaming & Systems as a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and sales of casino machines, is highly interested in its international expansion and, in this sense, it is important to highlight the work of Secartys in the identification and management of the aids of such an internationalization process. Unidesa attends annually to several sector trade fairs but those in which Secartys offers its support, stand out thanks to Secartys' great dedication and management of contingencies, personally visiting the fair together with the representatives of the administration and the institutions that subsidize us. Secartys is an association with great professionalism and human value.

  • 1 to 1 progress

    Juan José CastellanoCEO1 to 1 progress

    We are a small company committed to making its way in other countries and, with the collaboration of Solartys, we obtain part of the help that allows us to expand. We have great projects for the future and now our sights set anywhere in the world.


    Laura PérezResponsable Energía FotovoltaicaLEITAT TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER

    As a technological center, one of our objectives is to aid companies in their technological challenges in order to promote the technological transfer of research to the market. We join Solartys to be closer to the industrial companies, to be able to detect their needs and provide technological value to their products and services. For LEITAT Technology Center, the great advantage of belonging to an association as dynamic as Solartys, which brings together companies all across the value chain of the photovoltaic solar sector, is that the association itself helps associated members to identify those opportunities which promote their own growth through the execution of cooperative projects between the partners.


    Josep MasipGerenteACUSTICA BEYMA, S.L.

    Since the beginning of our commitment to the internationalization of Acustica Beyma 30 years ago, we have had the support and experience of Secartys that has helped us with their effort and professionalization to successfully achieve our goals. Dynamism, orientation to results, professionalization and flexibility, are values ​​perfectly harmonized with our company and that facilitate the achievement of our objectives. The investment return is guaranteed.



    The Cipsa Group has been participating in several of the proposals for convening international activities for 10 years now. In all cases, those have been enriching experiences both in the Expo Missions and in the direct missions. Not only have they served to establish business bases, but because of the type of organization, we have been able to create strong links between our partners, sometimes becoming a customer or a supplier.