Group of Innovative Companies (AEI)

Since 2010 Domotys has been recognized as a Group of Innovative Companies (AEI) by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

What is an AEI?

An Innovative Entrepreneurial Grouping (AEI) is the combination, in a geographic space or productive sector, of companies and public and private research and training centers involved in a process of collaborative exchange aimed at obtaining advantages and / or benefits derived from the Implementation of joint innovative projects.

Why is it important for Domotys to be considered AEI?

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism makes available to the AEIs public resources through funding calls, with the aim of improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises. This year, such aid is no longer subject to minimis.

What kind of aid can be requested?
Some of the projects the members can request a grant for are the following:

  • Carrying out technical feasibility studies that allow access to existing community, state, autonomous and municipal support programs.
  • Development of innovative activities. These activities may be innovations in products, processes, organizational innovations or innovations in marketing.
  • Development of product and / or process innovation activities in cooperation between several members belonging to one or more entities in the Register of Innovative Business Groups.


Alba Álvarez

Alba Álvarez - Domotys Cluster Manager

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