Our objective is to improve the competitiveness of companies offering services arranged into four core areas: internationalization, R + D + I, training and the search for financing. With our services in each of these blocks, we help companies to internationalize, develop innovative products, train their employees, find funds for their projects and position themselves before the rest of companies in their sector.

Service description

The service consists of the legal and financial implementation of the company in the destination country, obtaining not only the legal establishment but also the subsequent management control over the activity.

It identifies, together with the company, which is the best legal alternative to be implemented, and the process is executed.
In the case of requiring a legal entity proceed with all necessary steps, financial, fiscal, commercial, labor and accounting, in order to make effective the legal opening.

Local experts are used in the process.

At the same time, a management control is implemented, matrix-subsidiary, so that from the source country you have control over all the back office processes that are carried out in the destination country, and at the same time a financial reporting system , Adequate and understandable for the parent company, and to provide useful information to have control and decision-making capacity over the activity in the destination country.

Who is it addressed to?

To those companies that do not have the human resources sufficient to be able to face a process of implantation abroad in its legal, mercantile, fiscal, financial, accounting and management control aspects.

Or to those companies that, although having the necessary human resources, see the added value that outsourcing of this process can entail.


The outsourcing of the legal implementation process, the back office abroad and its management control, saves time and resources to the company, enabling those who have focus on what is its core business, and in particular In those operations that are already reporting cash today.
Leaving this process in the hands of experienced professionals ensures an efficiency and quality in the final result.
It is a flexible service that adapts to the specific needs of the company. From the hiring of a simple employee in the destination country, to more complex processes of implementation through a commercial or productive branch.
We implemented a control of management between branch and matrix, transferring properly the knowledge and processes to the company. However, if the company is interested, we can take care of annual monitoring of this management control and the activity in the destination country.
Complementary service of search of local of business in the destination country or selection of certain personal of back office.

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Carolina Sierra - International Department Director

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Roger Ferrer - International Project Manager

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