Our objective is to improve the competitiveness of companies offering services arranged into four core areas: internationalization, R + D + I, training and the search for financing. With our services in each of these blocks, we help companies to internationalize, develop innovative products, train their employees, find funds for their projects and position themselves before the rest of companies in their sector.

We offer customized internationalization services, based on our own network of delegates present in more than 50 markets in Africa, Asia, America and Europe. We have a vast catalog of services that cover any need that a company may have in its export process. From helping them to decide in which markets to enter or to know if their products are ready to go abroad, to collaborate with companies with an extensive export route that want to find distributors or to constitute a productive subsidiary.

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Carolina Sierra - International Department Director

+34 93 182 88 05

Roger Ferrer - International Project Manager

+34 93 182 88 03