Interclúster Forum presents opportunities for the industry in energy efficiency and autoconsum

July 5, 2017

Four clusters organized the session which was attended by 60 professionals

Companies and energy entities, technical textiles and packaging, held the Intercluster Forum on "Energy efficiency and self-consumption solutions for industry" convened by the entities AEI Tèxtils, CEEC, Solartys and Packaging Cluster, which took place on 5 July at the Leitat Technology Center (Terrassa).

The program of the session was welcomed by Mr. Sergi Artigas, Director of Leitat Innovation Strategy, who defended the holding of intercluster sessions to generate new projects for competitive improvement for companies. Next, Ms. Mariona Coll, Head of Industry Unit of the Institut Català d'Energia, showed different public instruments available to launch actions and projects for companies, where she stressed the importance of being energy efficient, where " In certain intensive sectors, energy costs exceed those of the raw material and personnel costs. "

The Intercluster Forum served to show concrete projects carried out by cluster companies, where 20 cases of participating companies from the 4 clusters were selected and, through a Marketplace space, the representatives of these companies were able to show their success stories With the objective of continuing to promote and generate new actions and businesses.

Finally, a dynamic of Focus Groups, served to stimulate the debate between all the participants. Four simultaneous tables debated from self-consumption, energy efficiency in industrial processes, general services, as well as the contracting and purchase of energy.

All the information generated, both the presentations of the Forum and the information gathered in the Focus Groups will be given to all attendees, in order to promote specific projects and actions in the field of energy efficiency and self-consumption in the technical textile sectors And packaging, which can serve as reference cases to make it scalable in the future to the industry as a whole.