Telephone support to International Customers and Suppliers

Our objective is to improve the competitiveness of companies offering services arranged into four core areas: internationalization, R + D + I, training and the search for financing. With our services in each of these blocks, we help companies to internationalize, develop innovative products, train their employees, find funds for their projects and position themselves before the rest of companies in their sector.

In order to accompany companies in the process of internationalization, Secartys offers its partners a service of attention to international customers and suppliers. It is a service aimed at companies that operate commercially outside Spain and who wish to offer their clients and suppliers in other countries a professional service that favors their international business operations.

The proposal includes a professional contact center service on behalf of the company that hires the service, in a 24 x 5 schedule (from Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day), in order to cover the time slots of all Countries.

The service is provided in English, although consideration will be given to providing care in additional languages ​​as applications are received.

The price of the service will include a telephone number of the country that requests, in such a way that its customers do not perceive that it is calling another country and they think that the company has presence in their own country. Additional numbers may be available in additional countries at an additional cost.

The service will be personalized and adapted to the needs of each company, and it will be the company itself that establishes the protocol of action for each typology of calls. It includes an exhaustive record of all contacts managed, as well as a periodic reporting of the activity.

The service will be charged through a small monthly fee and a model of payment per use, as well as a registration fee that includes the costs of customization and start-up.

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Carolina Sierra - International Department Director

+34 93 182 88 05

Roger Ferrer - International Project Manager

+34 93 182 88 03