Advantages of joining Domotys

Most of Domotys' members are technological companies with an international vision and a high level of qualification among their employees

Domotys partners achieve benefits from the moment they join the organization. Through Domotys they can boost their knowledge, their competitiveness, their capacity to access projects, financing and external markets.

The advantages that a company obtains when belonging to Domotys are:


  1. Wide range of services to cover your needs.
  2. Up-to-date information, advice and technical assistance on grants and tenders.
  3. Contact and collaboration with all the agents of the value chain.
  4. Support of a network of professionals, with great experience and specialization in internationalization and business competitiveness.
  5. Active participation in the issues that affect the sector.
  6. Prestige of belonging to a representative body, before institutions and clients.
  7. Inclusion in a directory of Spanish companies worldwide.
  8. Benefit from the agreements that Domotys has arranged with companies, with interesting services and / or products in advantageous conditions, for the associates.
  9. Assistance with any doubt, problem, etc ... related to the sector.

Alba Álvarez - Domotys Cluster Manager

+34 931 828 813