"A good illuminator is a great builder of shadows"

July 10, 2017

The Retail Barcelona Walk (RBW_ligthing), promoted by the CICAT Lighting Cluster and the Official Col.legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC), was started by Dani Freixes, an architect specializing in lighting commercial spaces and co-founder of the Varis Arquitectes studio , Citing filmmaker Billy Wilder: "A good illuminator is a great builder of shadows," and thereby conveyed the importance of these to emphasize illuminated areas and their help in creating a good shopping experience on the premises.

In its 4th edition, the focus was placed on retail lighting, with the support of iCandela lighting magazine as a media partner, and the sponsorship of Simon, DeltaLight and Lamp Lighting, Cluster partners, and Erco.

The Retail Walk Barcelona consists of a tour of various commercial premises in Barcelona in order to share with the participants how the staging of the points of sale has influenced their respective business models.

The event began in the Sala Picasso of the COAC, and was attended by prestigious professionals such as Dani Freixes, Eulàlia González and Vicenç Bou, all from the studio of Varis Arquitectes, Francesc Estall de Fluvia, Ignasi Bonjoch, interior designer of the store Andrés Sardá, José Manuel López as specialist in retail lighting in ERCO and Daniel Rodríguez, of Delta Light

After the initial presentation of the architect, the "retail walk" was started, during which the attendees were able to know in situ the proposals of emblematic scenarios of the City.

In La Cuina de Laietana, Francesc Estall, detailed how they perform the lighting control of the restaurant to have the optimum atmosphere in each moment and suitable to the presentation of the Mediterranean cuisine they prepare.

In the case of the Andrés Sardá store, Ignasi Bonjoch, interior designer of the firm, and Lamp Lighting, focused his explanation on how he managed to execute the commission that made the firm to highlight with lighting the textures and volumes of Lingerie and bath fashion so that the fabrics were the protagonists, since its quality is one of the distinctive of the designer.

ERCO, with José Manuel López, told how in the restaurant Jaime Beriestain managed to differentiate and make friendly to each target audience two totally different environments, restaurant and shop, located in the same space.

Daniel Rodríguez, of Delta Light, in the lighting project of Pretty Ballerinas highlighted the use of technical lanes and the integration of the same ones in the architecture of the place.

The event ended with a lunch-networking, where participants could interact and comment and exchange views on the day and project future issues of diffusion of the culture of light.